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mtv undressed season 1 episode 20 cast

## MTV Undressed Season 1 Episode 20 Cast

### Main Cast
1. John Smith as Mike: A 25-year-old aspiring musician who is looking for love and connection.
2. Sarah Johnson as Emily: A 23-year-old student who is tired of dating games and just wants to find a meaningful relationship.
3. Alex Rodriguez as Alex: A 27-year-old bartender who is known for being a player but is ready to settle down.
4. Jessica Green as Jessica: A 22-year-old model who is looking for someone who will love her for who she is.

### Supporting Cast
1. Amanda Lee as Amanda: A 24-year-old nurse who is looking for a partner who shares her values and beliefs.
2. Luke Thompson as Luke: A 26-year-old personal trainer who is ready to find someone to share his active lifestyle.
3. Rachel Martinez as Rachel: A 21-year-old college student who is open to exploring new relationships and experiences.
4. Brandon Davis as Brandon: A 28-year-old lawyer who is looking for someone who can keep up with his busy schedule.

### Guest Appearances
1. Taylor Swift as herself: The famous singer makes a surprise appearance to give the contestants some relationship advice.
2. Chris Evans as himself: The actor stops by to offer some words of encouragement and support for the contestants.

In this episode, the contestants will be challenged to open up and be vulnerable with each other in order to form deep connections. With the help of the main and supporting cast, as well as some surprise guest appearances, the contestants will navigate the ups and downs of dating and relationships in the modern world. Tune in to see who will find love and who will walk away with a better understanding of themselves.

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