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crush crush how to undress

Crush Crush How to Undress

Have you ever played Crush Crush and wondered how to undress the characters in the game? Undressing the characters is a fun and exciting aspect of the game that can help you progress in the storyline. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to undress the characters in Crush Crush.

Step 1: Build Relationship Points

The first step to undressing a character in Crush Crush is to build up your relationship points with them. You can do this by talking to the character, giving them gifts, and going on dates with them. The more relationship points you have, the closer you will become to the character and the more likely they will allow you to undress them.

Step 2: Reach the Required Relationship Level

Each character in Crush Crush has a required relationship level that you must reach in order to undress them. This level can be different for each character and can usually be found in the character’s profile. Once you reach the required relationship level, the character will become more comfortable with you and will allow you to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Undress the Character

Once you have reached the required relationship level with the character, you can now undress them. To undress a character, simply click on the \”Undress\” button that appears on the character’s profile. This will initiate a mini-game where you must successfully undress the character by completing various tasks and challenges.

Step 4: Collect Rewards

After successfully undressing the character, you will be rewarded with various items and bonuses that can help you progress further in the game. These rewards can include new outfits for the character, special abilities, or increased relationship points. Make sure to collect all the rewards to fully benefit from undressing the character.

Step 5: Repeat the Process

Once you have undressed one character in Crush Crush, you can repeat the process with other characters in the game. Each character has a unique storyline and challenges, so undressing them can be a different experience each time. Keep building your relationship points and reaching the required levels to undress all the characters in the game.


Undressing characters in Crush Crush can be a fun and rewarding experience that adds depth to the game. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily undress the characters and collect valuable rewards along the way. So, what are you waiting for? Start undressing characters in Crush Crush today and see where the game takes you!

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